Professional Development Trainings


Professional Development Trainings

Below are various trainings that have been presented by UCCS Staff for UCCS Staff.

Date Presenter Presentation
May 2020 Bob Cook Cyber Security for the rest of us
May 2020 Jesie Steffes, LPC and Jesse Perez, MA Navigating the Wear Down of Our Bodies and Minds Self-Care to Help You Survive and Thrive
December 2016 Marissa Guerrero, Events Assistant in the University Center Leadership in Everyday Life
October 2016 Alice Bradley, Director of the Strengthening Institutions Program Strategic Planning: Charting the Course to Your Destination
September 2016 Renee Rudolph, Student Engagement and Scholarship Coordinator in the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences Mindfulness: In & Out of the Office
August 2016 George Reed, dean of the School of Public Affairs Toxic Leadership. Leadership, Organizational Climate, and Effectiveness: What's Style Got to do With it?
July 2016 Paige Whitney Detain the STRAIN: How Physical Activity Can Reduce Work Stress and Increase Productivity 
July 2016 Anja Wynne Taking the Temperature of your Organization: Is it healthy?
May 2016 Brynne Hamer Workplace Efficiency
March 2016 Leyna Bencomo Easy Accessibility
Staff Enrichment - Keynote 2016 Tamara Moore Secret Service: Creating an Inspired Customer Service Culture
January 2016 Ali LaForce Time Management Strategies
December 2015 Alejandro DeJesus Cultural Competence
November 2015 Katie Gordon

The How of Happiness: A New Approach to Getting the Life You Want

Staff Enrichment - Keynote 2015 Ida Bauer, Director Family Development Center Conscious Discipline


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