Clyde's Kudos

Clyde's Kudos

A gold and black banner reads "Clyde's Kudos"

In Fall 2019, Staff Council held several listening sessions for staff to give recommendations and shape the future of UCCS. An area of opportunity Staff Council saw was the need for our staff to recognize others, and in turn be recognized. 
In response, Staff Association launched Clyde's Kudos: an informal recognition program to promote positive morale and staff engagement.

If you would like to recognize a staff member for a positive contribution to UCCS, give a kudos!

Examples of kudos-worthy actions:

  • Going above and beyond to help a fellow coworker or student
  • Performing actions outside of job scope
  • Picking up trash on campus grounds, just because
  • Encouraging recycling in your office
  • Demonstrating an infectious positive attitude
  • Taking initiative
  • Voluntarily helping a co-worker complete a task
  • Random acts of kindness

Clyde’s Kudos are celebrated through a variety of forums, including the Staff Council website, the Staff Council  newsletter, a monthly Communique feature, Spring Luncheon shout-outs, handwritten cards and other methods of distribution.